Dipl.-Stat. (Univ.) Monika Janeczek

Monika Janeczek completed her studies in statistics at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich in 1989.
Sales of Dr. Harrison Futters in Germany
Since 1992 she has been working with her husband, Dr. Friedrich Janeczek, in his veterinary practice.

The company Avifood Dipl. Stat. (Univ.) Monika Janeczek eK was founded in 1997 with the aim of offering high-quality nutrition and accessories for parrots and parakeets as well as services for their owners and breeders.

Dr. med. vet. Friedrich Janeczek

• Born in 1960
• 1979 – 1986: Studied veterinary medicine at the veterinary universities in Brno and Hanover as well as at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich
• 1988: 6 months of training in the best bird clinics and collections in Florida, California, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and the Philippines
• July 1989: Doctorate: Dissertation on the topic “Chlamydia psittaci – diagnostics in parrots”. Development of new rapid methods (ELISA) for the detection of the parrot disease pathogen (Chlamydia psittaci) from blood samples from parrots as well as the antibodies against this pathogen.
• September 1989: Establishment of the first veterinary practice in Germany specializing only in parrots and parakeets.
• 1991: Began working as European representative and consulting veterinarian for Birds International, Inc., Manila, Philippines since 1991 (www.janeczek.com)
• 1997: consulting veterinarian and co-owner of AVIFOOD Dipl.-Stat. (Univ.) Monika Janeczek e. K
• 2004: consulting veterinarian and co-owner of AVIJAN OHG

The interest in parrots has existed since early childhood:
• The first budgie arrived on its 5th birthday, budgie breeding began in 1969
• Over the next 10 years, the breeding grew to over 30 pairs, with the addition of lovebirds and the first large parrots: Cuban Amazons
• Breeding of Amazons, cockatoos and gray parrots from the end of the 80s
• Due to his father's serious illness, parrot breeding was stopped in 2000.

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